Labor Day!

You know that great thing about grad school is? I only have class three day a week! With Labor Day on Monday this gave me a five day weekend, so I jetted off to Boston to spend the week with my brother and his family. This was a perfect weekend! Continue reading


Things I Love

Have you ever had a week where so much has happened that it’s hard to get a grasp on things? It’s not that anything bad happened this week, quite the contrary, but it was just so much. Classes started and the preverbal ‘they’ was not lying about the amount of reading in grad school. It never ends. Continue reading

Lately: Lists

 I carry my journal with me pretty much everywhere I go. Lately I’ve been keeping lists of random things: things I see, nuggets of advice, etc. Just whatever I think is interesting, funny, or inspiring. I’d thought I’d share a sampling of some of my lists. Enjoy!

My Life According to Pinterest

I have a Pinterest addiction. Sometimes I pretend that I don’t, but I do and most days I’m ok with that. Pinterest now has a feature that collects all your ‘interests’ (aka obsessions) into one place so you don’t have to sift through your feed. Very convenient and totally an enabler. 

So this is my life according to Pinterest, which I’m not sure is super accurate:

Johnny Cash
This interest is a bit of a mystery to me. While I love Johnny, he does not frequent my pinning repertoire. Although Walk the Line is one of the greatest love songs in my opinion. 

Eddie Redmayne
Yeah, I think he’s so handsome and I would have dinner with him any night of the week. He got engaged while I was in London and I swear you could hear my heart breaking all the way back in the States. 

Which brings me to London. My favorite city in the whole world. London recently got its own board (well, England did) and is the only place to have this honor bestowed upon it. Things are getting serious. 

I love chambray. It’s a staple in my closet.  I like my chambray shirts paired with leggings, riding boots, and a chunky sweater. 

Vintage China
Recently I have been obsessed with china. Maybe it’s because I’m moving into my first ‘real’ house? Whatever it is, I am in love. 

This is how Pinterest sees me :) This is only a sprinkling of my ‘interests’. It’s kind of funny to check it sometimes. It’s like getting a glimpse of how your imaginary Internet friend sees you.

My Typical Sunday Afternoon

A girl and her bed on Sundays is an endless love affair.

Am I the only girl for whom this is true?

I don’t know what it is about Sundays, but I cannot seem to get out of my bed! It’s like this ritual: wake up, go to church, eat lunch, and crawl back into bed. I never, like, plan to lounge around all day, but without even trying I’ve read a whole book or watched four Netflix documentaries like it was nothing. I mean, that’s pretty impressive. Can I put that on a resumé? Does anyone else subscribe to this ritual?

So to help justify (not that I feel super guilty), I’ll share what I’ve been watching lately!

Ballerina: a 2006 documentary about the lives of prima ballerinas and up-and-comers in the Russian ballet world
So You Think You Can Dance: the only reality show that I watch every single episode
The Importance of Being Ernest: this movie came up on my Netflix ‘feed’ all the time and I overlooked it, but a friend recommended it and, holy cow, this movie is HILARIOUS. There were tears streaming down my face from laughter
Castle: I’m not usually one for crime dramas, but this one is good. It’s witty, fast-paced, and not gruesome. 

A Weekend in Charlotte

Don’t you love it when your bestie comes to town?

My best friend Lauren came into town this weekend so we could play before we both ‘grow up’ and go to graduate school. We’re kindred spirits. It’s the best.

We explored different parts of Charlotte, including the Fourth Ward. The Fourth Ward is this fantastic neighborhood with restored houses from the turn of the century. Think Downton Abbey, but in the US. 


On Saturday morning we took a trip to the Farmer’s Market where I got these amazing blackberries. I dipped them in frosting, which probably counteracts their nutrition, but whatever :)

That evening we played a round of disc golf with Mom. I used to play this game in high school every day, not an exaggeration. EVERY. DAY. 

It’s so fun but not so difficult that you have to be crazy good to have fun. In other words, my kind of game. 

We spent an abnormal amount of time looking for our discs considering how flat the course was. 

This weekend was perfect: We ate too much food, laughed too much, and stayed up way too late. The trifecta for a perfect weekend. 

Dad’s Lasagna

I cannot believe that I have never made lasagna until yesterday! Dad and I cook together when I’m home from school so I asked him to teach me to take lasagna :)

We turned on the Italian Dinner playlist, featuring the likes of Dean Martin and Andre Bocelli, and got to work. Pops usually makes lasagna the day after we have spaghetti and uses the leftover sauce, which is exactly what we did!

Don’t our lasagna guts look amazing?! We added some zucchini and spices (the secret is a little bit of thyme) and cheese and then put it all together. 

Dad spouted the secrets to lasagna while we worked. My favorite had to be that good lasagna starts with wearing socks with sandals. An old wives’ tale if you ask me :)