My Favorite Beauty Appliance

Ladies, I have found the holy grail of beauty appliances. Continue reading


My Favorite Face Wash

I found a new face wash and I wanted to share it with you! I usually alternate which face wash I use to keep my skin from getting too used to a certain formula, but I’ll have trouble switching from this one. Continue reading

The Best Dry Shampoo

When I first heard about dry shampoo, I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical and maybe slightly grossed out. Put more product in my hair instead of washing it? That sounded a little backwards to me and, let’s be honest, a little too good to be true. I think we’re all fans of second (or third) day hair. I tried a few brands of dry shampoo but never found one that I loved. They left my hair feeling more gunky or smelled weird or left grey residue no matter how far from my head that I held the can. I eventually settled on Tressem√®. 

While I was in Europe, however, I found myself in a pinch. I hadn’t brought my dry shampoo (major oversight!) and I was tired of having to wash my hair every day. While I was in Oxford I ducked into Boots, the UK’s version of Walgreen’s except way classier. I LOVE this store. My normal brand of choice was a zillion pounds so I browsed the aisles for a cheaper alternative. The dry shampoo gods must have been smiling down on me that day because I found the best dry shampoo for just ¬£2 or about $4. Luckily, Batiste is sold in the US too! You can find it at Ulta or Asos. Batiste smells great, leaves my hair light and soft, and doesn’t leave anything behind. I use it before I go to bed and when I get up and I can go three days in between washes. Blush is my favorite ‘flavor’; it has a light, sweet scent without being too overpowering. 

An Excuse to Shop

Am I the only person who actively looks for excuses to update my wardrobe? Because I totally do; sometimes legitimate, sometimes not. Grad school provided the perfect excuse to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe. I’ve been surfing the internet for a few days and haven’t really found anything I like, which rarely happens. Then, all at once, I hit the jackpot, well at least part of it. Many know that Kate Middleton is my style icon. Her wardrobe is AMAZING and I found a few dresses that are replicas of her style. And the best part? All three are under $30! Yeah, amazing! They’re going to find their way into my closet :)


DIY Salt Spray

With my Europe trip just a little over a week away I have been experimenting with different ways to do my hair that don’t take a lot of time. I want to avoid spending lots of time on my hair so I can spend time seeing all the sights! I have heard great things about sea sprays so I decided to give it a go this morning. I was hoping to get those beachy waves and for the most part I did. I was pleasantly surprised. 

I hopped online and found an awesome recipe to make at home so I gave it a whirl. It’s super simple and you’ll most likely have all the ingredients at home–a major plus in my book!

  • Clean spray bottle
  • 8 oz. of warm water
  • Small dollop of  hair gel
  • 1/2 tbs. sea salt or epsom salt (I used epsom salt)
  • Essential oil or macadamia oil (I used orange extract to great affect)

Mix everything in your spray bottle and give a nice shake. After you towel dry your hair, spray generously, scrunch, and head on your way! No more curling irons or flat irons needed!