Labor Day!

You know that great thing about grad school is? I only have class three day a week! With Labor Day on Monday this gave me a five day weekend, so I jetted off to Boston to spend the week with my brother and his family. This was a perfect weekend! Continue reading


Girl in DC

Orientation has started and things are starting to settle down which is a huge relief! On Thursday my class took a trip to DC to visit the World Bank. After all ‘official’ visits, we were given a few hours on the National Mall. Most of my classmates went to grab lunch and then on to the Air and Space Museum. I snuck away to the National Gallery of Art and loved every minute of it.  Continue reading

Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars

When I flew home from London, I spent my last few pounds and bought The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene. The book was fantastic and I was excited to see the movie. My brother and I share a love for John Greene so we decided to see the movie together while he was in town. The movie was fantastic–just as good as the book.

Shailene Woodley played Hazel Grace and I thought she did an awesome. She was the perfect balance of cheeky but still slightly awkward the character demands. She wasn’t exactly how I imagined Hazel but she still captured the character well and I was pleased with her performance. 

Augustus Watters, on the other hand, was exactly how I pictured. This was some seriously good casting! Ansel Elgort was the perfect choice for Gus. Honestly, to a T how I pictured him. 

From start to finish, this movie was just amazing. The movie is pretty true to the book, which is always pleasantly surprising. I would, however, recommend reading the book first. I knew I would probably sob in during movie, but managed to keep it together. The director doesn’t overdue to sad parts of the story so your whole day is not ruined. Basically, it’s just an awesome movie and you should see it.

Also, on a slightly unrelated note, the previews for this movie (minus the obligatory horror movie preview) looked equally as good: 
What If//The 100 Yard Journey//If I Stay//The Book of Life 
I’m particularly excited for The 100 Yard Journey and The Book of Life!

A Weekend in Charlotte

Don’t you love it when your bestie comes to town?

My best friend Lauren came into town this weekend so we could play before we both ‘grow up’ and go to graduate school. We’re kindred spirits. It’s the best.

We explored different parts of Charlotte, including the Fourth Ward. The Fourth Ward is this fantastic neighborhood with restored houses from the turn of the century. Think Downton Abbey, but in the US. 


On Saturday morning we took a trip to the Farmer’s Market where I got these amazing blackberries. I dipped them in frosting, which probably counteracts their nutrition, but whatever :)

That evening we played a round of disc golf with Mom. I used to play this game in high school every day, not an exaggeration. EVERY. DAY. 

It’s so fun but not so difficult that you have to be crazy good to have fun. In other words, my kind of game. 

We spent an abnormal amount of time looking for our discs considering how flat the course was. 

This weekend was perfect: We ate too much food, laughed too much, and stayed up way too late. The trifecta for a perfect weekend. 

London (part 3)

My last night in London was one of the best of the whole trip. My travel companion had one thing that he wanted to do while in the UK, which was to see Les Miserables in the West End. At first we were told that that night’s show was sold out, but we ran over to the theater and scored some of the last seats. So lucky, right?

Now, I am partial to the 2012 movie version (not at all because I have the largest crush on Eddie Redmayne or anything), so I was a bit nervous about my lofty expectations. While the show was very different from the move (to be expected) it was still amazing. Both of the women who played Fantine and Eponine were phenomenal. I mean, wow! They were just so good. Val Jean was great as well. Really, I was impressed with the whole cast. But this is the West End, so I should have known it was going to amazing :) I am sooo glad that we made time to catch a show. Les Mis was definitely the right choice. There’s just something special about seeing a show where it first opened. 

I wasn’t able to take pictures or anything, so enjoy this clip from the movie, featuring Eddie Redmayne:

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PS. I also visited the Churchill War Rooms, a definite must see if you’re in London!